We apply the Design for Recycling guidelines of EPPA, defining principles for designing PVC window profiles with recycled PVC. The energy needed to re-use PVC is 80-90% lower than the energy needed to produce virgin PVC. Moreover, 2 kg CO2e is saved per kg of old PVC used.

In our factories, we continuously invest in expanding the co-extrusion production lines that merge old and new materials. We increase the collection and recycling of client cut-offs and post-consumer material globally. Also, we work on reducing waste fractions, amongst others, the reduction of production scrap: 95% of scrap is currently re-used internally.

In addition to our efforts with PVC, we’re also committed to promoting the use of circular aluminium. Deceuninck recognises the immense value, given its potential to retain its original properties even after multiple use. Our premium circular aluminium, with a recycling content of at least 85%, is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. This aluminium not only reduces our carbon footprint but also ensures the same high-quality mechanical and surface properties as traditional aluminium in the market.

Do you want to join our sustainability journey?

For questions, feedback or compliments, mail to info@deceuninck.com. If you really want to make a difference and install our sustainable windows or doors, please contact your local dealer for tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your home.