Building a sustainable home

To us, every window is an opportunity – to innovate, to improve how we work, live, and play. Together, we really can make a difference. Because every window matters. For the comfort of our homes, for the quality of life in our neighbourhoods, and for the future of our planet.
Our actions and ambitions speak for themselves. At Deceuninck, sustainability is an integrated part of our business and more so, of our everyday life.


Our carbon reduction pathway

In 2022, we committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a global body enabling businesses to set ambitious emissions reduction targets and reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Our first goal is to lower our direct emissions by 60% by 2030, focusing mainly on green electricity and energy efficiency. Together with our key suppliers, we are also looking for ways to source raw materials with a lower footprint. This way, we aim for 51.6% less indirect carbon emissions by 2030.


Our circular strategy

1. Recycling in a closed-loop system

In our state-of-the-art recycling plant in Belgium, we maximise the reuse of old PVC windows. Thanks to our efforts we close the loop for 90% of waste fractions of window components. Side products go to an external waste processor while only 10% of waste goes to landfill. Our R&D department is constantly working on finding circular solutions to cover the last 10%.

2. Using more and more recycled material

By yearly increasing the share of recycled content in our products, we minimise the need for virgin material and, hence, the need for energy. Today 95% of scrap is re-used internally and we keep aiming higher. In addition to our efforts with PVC, we’re also committed to using our premium circular aluminium, with a recycling content of at least 85%.

Introducing our flagship recycling plant

In the sixties, we started designing 100% recyclable products. And in 2012, we opened one of the world’s most advanced PVC recycling facilities. With a capacity of 40,000 tonnes, Deceuninck Recycling in Belgium is the largest plant of its kind in the Benelux. Our PVC windows have an average lifespan of 35 years and can be recycled at least 8 times without any impact on performance. This means the total lifespan of our PVC windows is at least 300 years.

Recycling highlights in 2022


“We design PVC products that are 100% recyclable, we recycle with superior efficiency, and we produce sustainable new windows using less virgin raw materials.”

Our water management

Water is an inherent part of our extrusion processes, as it is used to cool the PVC material, but we aim to use it responsibly:

  • Monitoring of water consumption
  • Reducing water usage by investing in filtration systems and (waste)water reuse
  • Maximising the use of rainwater
  • Preventing soil and groundwater contamination

Our waste management

Effective waste management is a priority for Deceuninck. By recycling, we directly contribute to waste prevention that would otherwise go to landfill or be incinerated. We manage and monitor the waste we produce by:

  • Checking if we can reduce or eliminate the waste stream
  • Reusing PVC waste streams as raw material in our own production
  • Processing waste in this order: recycling/incineration with energy recovery/incineration without energy recovery
  • Avoiding and eliminating landfilling

Our operations and R&D teams work on reducing PVC waste in production, for example, by using recycled plastic in packaging materials and preventing resin pellet, flake, and powder loss.

Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

An important sustainability standard we live by is the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. There are 17 goals to reach by 2030. While we support all SDGs, our approach focuses on the 11 SDGs where we can have the most impact on our people, community, and planet.

We meet the highest quality standards

For Deceuninck, sustainability goes hand in hand with quality. From the early beginnings, we are dedicated to delivering only the best products. In our quest for ‘Total Quality Control’, we carry out quality checks on a daily basis, making sure our windows and doors meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency in the industry. You don’t have to take our word for it, our quality certificates speak for themselves as well as the awards we were granted. We were awarded for our sustainability efforts, our social projects, our product designs and our investments in people.

Our quality certificates

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Our social sustainability goals

When it comes to sustainability, we’re not just talking about the planet and the environment. Sustainability is also about people. We are determined to achieve inclusive, people-centred, and sustainable development with no one left behind. We also care for the community we operate in and aim to be a reliable and trusted partner for our customers, our suppliers, and the local communities.

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How we tackle global challenges

1. Climate change

1. Climate change

The European Green Deal, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aim for climate neutrality by 2050.

Our solution

Thanks to the optimal insulation properties, superior quality and long life, our products ensure energy savings. Also, by recycling windows, we save CO2 emissions as we don’t have to use new raw materials.


2. Resource shortages

2. Resource shortages

The world is facing unprecedented resource shortages. Combined with high market demand, these shortages continue to be a critical concern in the future.

Our solution

We invest in our own recycling plant and recollect products at the end of their product life cycle.


3. Reputation of PVC

3. Reputation of PVC

Plastics are often under fire in the public debate because too much plastic waste ends up in the environment.

Our solution

Often, no distinction is made between single-use plastics and the more sustainable use of plastics in products like the ones we produce and recycle. At our recycling plant in Diksmuide, we save 2.300.000 window profiles from incineration or landfills every year.


4. Environmental impacts of products

4. Environmental impacts of products

Policymakers and consumers expect more transparency and information regarding the exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in products.

Our solution

Our products can be used safely, and we invest in procedures to track the environmental performance of our products during the production process.


5. Attracting & retaining talent

5. Attracting & retaining talent

Companies are facing increasing competition to attract and retain a more diverse range of talents and train them on the job.

Our solution

Our employee training programme includes on-the-job training, employee engagement and a focus on gender equality.


6. Demographics & urbanisation

6. Demographics & urbanisation

Global population growth is increasing the demand for housing, including the renovation of existing housing.

Our solution

Our products have optimal acoustic properties suited for densely populated cities, and the prescribed superior thermal insulation.


Our window profiles are 100% recyclable. As a result, we need to use less new raw materials. That is good for the planet.

We are always looking for ways to reduce our CO2 emissions. Our optimal insulation windows will also reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Our windows guarantee superior insulation and maximum energy efficiency. The result? Lower energy bills for you.

Our windows can be recycled at least 8 times. That means a lifecycle of up to 300 years.

With a capacity of 40,000 tonnes of rigid PVC per year, our recycling plant in Diksmuide is the biggest in the Benelux.

Discover how - for you too - every window matters

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