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DECB - 22-06-2024 18:35 CET
866,1 Sales (in € million)
117,9 Adjusted EBITDA (in € million)
70,6 Net Debt (in € million)
3,986 Total Full Time Equivalents (Fte)

Annual Report 2023

Why invest in Deceuninck?

Deceuninck operates within a growing market, is a global leader in its industry, and offers the best solutions for window and door systems.

Growing market

Climate change mitigation and high energy prices are expected to accelerate the renovation of poorly insulated homes, mainly across Europe.

A growing world population in combination with an already structural shortage of qualitative housing will support the residential construction market in the long term.

Best solution

Elegant is the sleekest PVC-profile in the market, available in 50 colours. It offers superior thermal and acoustic insulation, at the lowest ecological footprint.

Our PVC profiles are fully recyclable at end of life, which makes PVC a future-proof building material.

With the creation of Phoenix, we launched the first window in the market that is made 100% from recycled material.

Global leader

Deceuninck is perceived as the innovator within the industry, with technologies and products such as iCOR, ThermoFibra, Innergy AP and Phoenix. Since 2012 we have been pioneers in recycling PVC.

Deceuninck operates in over 90 countries and has subsidiaries across Europe, North America, Turkey and Emerging Markets.

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Corporate governance

Deceunink adheres to very strict principles of integrity, corporate governance, well-balanced serving of interests, independence, transparency and responsible entrepreneurship. 

Financial results

Profitable growth as a cornerstone for financial sustainability.

Financial Results of Ege Profil

Financial results as published by our stock quoted Turkish company Ege Profil.

Financial calendar

Press release annual results FY 2023

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Annual General Meeting 2024

23 April 2024

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