At Deceuninck, we see things big. Being a leader in the PVC circular economy, we opened one of the world’s most advanced PVC recycling facilities in 2012 in Diksmuide, Belgium. Input material is being sourced from customers’ off-cuts, mainly of first-generation PVC windows which consumers are gradually replacing.

With a capacity of 40,000 tonnes, Deceuninck Recycling is the largest of its kind in the Benelux, for rigid PVC. In the sixties, Deceuninck started designing 100% recyclable products. Today, we transform recycled material into new window systems without any loss of quality. Our PVC windows have a lifespan of 35 years and can be processed at least 8 times without any impact on performance. This means the total lifespan of our PVC windows is at least 300 years.

For the main material, PVC, we use a mechanical process in which the waste is washed and reduced multiple times into smaller particles. Because we use the latest technology, we are able to recycle PVC profiles of all colours and all different compositions, including profiles containing glass fibre.

The resulting recyclate, called granulate, is reused as PVC resin into the same product from which it came: window profiles. This way, we can save 2.300.000 window profiles from incineration or landfills every year. Because we use old materials instead of virgin raw materials, we need only 10% of the energy which is required to make a window from virgin materials. Also, for every tonne of old PVC we use in our products, we save between two and three tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Do you want to join our sustainability journey?

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