Why uPVC windows?

upvc windows

High-quality energy-efficient PVC windows

With Zendow, Deceuninck provides balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living. This high-quality energy-efficient PVC window improves the quality of life in many ways.

You get a better view on the sustainability of Zendow window frames, the thermal and acoustic insulation properties, the high security and the original colour palette, in short, the superior quality.

PVC is low maintenance

Deceuninck offers a wide range of PVC windows to add style and value to your home. A low maintenance, colour-fast, long-lasting window gives your home or building an elegant look that will last for years.

No more painting or staining, simply wipe clean and your PVC window will look as good as new. Plus, PVC is the best insulating material for windows. No wonder that Deceuninck products have earned their reputation as part of many low-energy housing designs.

How to choose the right window colour?

Deceuninck windows are available in a wide range of window colours. You can rely on our experts to determine the right window colour for your windows and finishes. Our collection of window colours has a universal and timeless character, unaffected by fads or fleeting trends. When you choose from the collection of window colours, you are certain you are making the right colour choice – now and for years to come.