PVC walls

pvc walls

How can PVC walls update your interior?

Your living environment creates a certain atmosphere as a result of its design. PVC wall panels and finishes play an important role in enhancing the look of your home, alongside furnishings and floor coverings. The various ranges and finishes offer a wide selection of possibilities. By installing profiles as ceiling or wall fittings, you are opting for a very practical living space solution.

Here’s the essence of customisation. Select a décor and look that matches your style -- minimalist and sleek, traditional with a twist or warm and social. The Deceuninck’s decor panel in PVC for walls offer a wide range of options to update your interior with a portfolio varying from modern to elegant and classic.

Why will PVC wall panels make your life easier?

A PVC wall covering is an easy way to implement an easy maintenance solution for your walls.

Here are some reasons you should choose a PVC wall panel:

  • 100% water resistant (ideal for bathrooms and kitchens)
  • Easy to clean (with a simple cloth and cleaning agent)
  • Available in a large range of styles and finishes

How can a PVC wall panel enhance special living spaces?

The kitchen and bathroom are often the two rooms that people wish to change when they move into a new home. Why? They are both important in different and special ways. For instance, the bathroom offers privacy allowing you to indulge in tranquil moments of peace and quiet. Because of its versatility, our range of wall coverings can extend beyond wet rooms and rooms with high humidity.

The kitchen, on the other hand, is the heart of the home and the focus of family life. With open plan living spaces, you can converse with friends while preparing dinner and still watch over the children. Select different types of panels in PVC walls to define spaces, or choose laminate wall coverings for your rooms. The choice of colours, textures and materials go far beyond your imagination so dream big.