Thresholds set by Articles of Association

According to Deceuninck's Articles of Association, the threshold as from which a participation needs to be disclosed, has been set at 3%, subsequently at 5% and each multiple of 5%.

Shareholder structure

In application of the Law of 2nd May 2007, the latest report of participations that has been received reveals the following breakdown of shareholders:

Gramo BVBA 35,715,739.00 26.21%
Sofina NV 23,461,513.00 17.22%
Allacha 5,379,317.00 3.95%
Evalli 4,258,171.00 3.12%
Fidec 6,881,869.00 5.05%
Lazard 6,695,000.00 4.91%
Treasury shares 102,121.00 0.07%
Others 53,771,706.00 39.46%
Total 136,265,436.00 100.00%


Notifications should be transmitted to both Deceuninck NV and the FSMA. The FSMA recommends transmitting the notifications electronically via e-mail to and further – for reasons of legal certainty – by fax to no. +32 2 220 59 12
Deceuninck recommends to transmit notifications per e-mail as well, to the attention of