Discover the revolutionary Linktrusion technology in Deceuninck’s new range of windows and doors: Zendow#neo

Many technological developments are actually very similar. Only a few truly stand out. Just one is really new. Discover the windows of tomorrow today with Linktrusion from Deceuninck: a revolutionary new concept that takes the energy efficiency of windows and doors to a new level.

Mr B. Vanderper , Director North-West Europe, explains: “Deceuninck celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. As the market leader in a world where – quite rightly – more and more attention is focused on the impact of the consumption of materials and energy, Deceuninck is committed to developing new technologies and strategies for itself, yourself and future generations. For Deceuninck, the core values of innovation, ecology and design are paramount. They are translated into sustainable products whose energy performance is constantly being optimised. Until now Deceuninck PVC-U windows have been strengthened with galvanised steel as standard. The advantages of steel are its low cost and great strength. But the disadvantage of metal is that you lose a large part of the insulation value. That’s why Deceuninck is launching Linktrusion technology: a unique, revolutionary technology that will characterise the new generation of Zendow products from now on. We are offering a window that is almost as strong but up to 30% better insulated, with up to a 40% saving on materials and weight! The first range in which this technology is used is the Deceuninck Zendow#neo series. "


Linktrusion is a unique, revolutionary technology. With the new Linktrusion technology, Deceuninck is not just introducing an alternative solution to galvanised steel reinforcement as standard, but also ensuring that further significant improvements are made in terms of thermal benefits. But Linktrusion is more than a single solution. It is a fusion of different solutions, a constantly evolving technology refining, balancing and combining the features and benefits of both new and traditional materials. All this with a single goal: to choose the particular solution that best matches the specific requirements.


The new range of doors and windows in which this unique Linktrusion technology is used for the first time is the Deceuninck Zendow#neo series. With Zendow#neo, standard galvanised reinforcements are no longer used in profiles. For the Zendow#neo standard solution, both the frame and the sash have thermal reinforcement. The core consists of a combination of foam containing recycled PVC-U and steel wire. With the Zendow#neo premium solution, thermal reinforcement is used in the frame profile on the one hand and continuous glass fibre in the 6-chamber sash profile (82 mm) on the other hand. Highly optimised thermal performance is the immediate result. Both Zendow#neo solutions, standard and premium, are obviously 100% recyclable.

Renocycleren® (Renocycling)

New for old. Deceuninck renocycles. Used windows and profiles are processed by officially recognised recycling companies, as well as Deceuninck’s new recycling department in Diksmuide. The recent acquisition of the PVC-U recycling plant of the Belgian company Verpola increases the annual recycling capacity to 20,000 tons. This makes Deceuninck number 1 in Benelux for PVC-U recycling.
During 2012, Deceuninck is also launching the recycling of post-industrial waste from its network of window manufacturers and from the end of 2012, recycling of end-of-life PVC-U windows from the network of window and door installers. The recycled PVC-U is used to make new PVC-U profiles. So Renocycling is a closed process that operates with the greatest respect for the environment. Old windows are collected and reused. For instance, a large amount of the recycled product is reused in Cyclefoam soundproof walls, while some is combined with recycled industrial waste to make Novasil window boards and wall cladding panels such as Bee_bo architectural interior decoration panels.


Deceuninck Zendow#neo standard and premium were presented to professionals for the first time at the Polyclose trade fair. Members of the public can see the windows and doors for the first time at the Belgian building show Batibouw from tomorrow. The Deceuninck Zendow#neo standard solution is available now. The Zendow#neo premium solution is scheduled to be launched in the second half of the year.

linktrusion: from 'link’ and ‘extrusion'.
1 - New material concept from Deceuninck; combining a technological platform with rationalisation/improvement in performance.
2 - New bonding technology and a combination of different elements (in benefits and textures - mineral, vegetable, metal, etc.) with the aim of optimal fulfilment of requirements.
3 - The art of fusing new and traditional technologies for enhanced efficiency, flexibility and aesthetics.
4 - A new, responsible approach now that fossil fuels are becoming scarcer and the environment needs our protection more than ever.
Syn.: extrusion of multiple components to create a more efficient and more sustainable product

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