Windows and doors of Live House: Joint project by Yulia Chicherina and Deceuninck Russia

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Yulia Chicherina and Deceuninck celebrate the completion of construction of the singer’s Live House

Triangular windows and the front door of Yulia Chicherina’s house are made from Deceuninck profiles. At the singer’s request Deceuninck elaborated and put into practice unique engineering works. The glass door designed specifically for Yulia Chicherina was installed in the triangular opening of her country house.

The event began with a walk across the land owned by the singer and an excursion to her country house. Yulia was glad to answer questions from journalists and talk about her house.

The excursion was followed by an informal open air press conference. Guests of the event made themselves comfortable under light tents placed near the Live House.

During the conversation with journalists Yulia Chicherina and Valery Kozionov, Technical Director of Deceuninck, spoke about the Live House project, from the very idea up to its realization, as well as about materials used, construction and interior design, triangular windows and the front door installed in the triangular opening, energy-saving technologies and plans for the future. They also answered questions from journalists.

“There was a lot of light in our house – one third of the walls is glazed. But we didn’t like the old iron door because it did not let the sunshine in. Deceuninck suggested an interesting solution for this door. Now the house looks just like I wanted it to be, creative and filled with sunlight,” Yulia Chicherina says. “The house is built like a Lego set: it is made of huge heat retaining blocks that we assembled on our own very quickly. Triangular windows as high as the walls themselves are made of Deceuninck profiles. These are the widest profiles we could find, and they retain heat best. As a result, the house is very warm. We came here several times this winter when the frost was the hardest. After the fireplace heated the house, it remained warm for yet a couple of days. Last summer we installed a simple iron door, but it didn’t seem right. The steel door didn’t match the mirror windows. The house looked incomplete. But now with the door installed, our idea worked well. With it, the construction s completed and we can move on to the interior design”.

Yulia Chicherina

When the press conference came to its end, Yulia Chicherina gave CDs with her new songs as presents to the guests of the event and went on with autograph signing. Then there was a surprise for journalists: the singer sang three songs, including the famous “Too-loo-la” accompanied by her guitarists. Yulia’s performance received a warm welcome and made the guests relax and smile.

The event was followed by a buffet lunch. While guests helped themselves to delicious dishes, Yulia told them a great deal of interesting stories about her life and particularly about her pets – Rex and Mikki, Belgian shepherds, aquarium fishes and cat-emperor. The singer’s new hobby is growing roses and other flowers near the Live House. Besides, at journalists’ request the singer sang two more songs.

Pleased and happy guests didn’t want to say good bye to the lady of the house and agreed to meet more often and visit Yulia in her Live House.

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