Sliding windows and doors


How can sliding windows and doors let the outside in?

Homeowners can enhance the beauty and practicality of their home with a simple design and functional element -- sliding windows and doors. It creates open living spaces which give you the option of fresh air when you need it. And also amplifies beautiful sceneries with unobstructed views, blending the indoors with the outdoors.

A seamless transition to outdoor living, Deceuninck’s sliding windows and doors offer an aesthetically pleasing solution that responds to the growing trend of an outdoor lifestyle with practicality and durability. The new design can fold to the exterior and interior, stacking at the ends and providing a clear opening to benefit from the outside environment.

Viewed from inside out, sliding vinyl windows and exterior sliding doors will transform the look of your rooms, as well as your home as a whole. Illuminating interiors with natural light, providing comfort from the elements and giving you the peace of mind of feeling secure are the essential criteria for all our sliding windows and doors.

Why do all-weather sliding windows and doors last longer?

Suitable for year-round use in all climates, sliding windows and doors incorporate a unique high performance weather seal which means they won’t peel, crack, warp or absorb moisture. Therefore, they will open easily in any type of weather. And because they are energy efficient, they will keep your home cool in the summer and cosy in the winter.

Why sliding windows and doors are the perfect accessory to your home?

Characterised by clear, elegant and balanced sight lines, you can choose from a number of configurations and a wide range of styles to achieve the look you want. The range of uPVC sliding windows can be specified in a choice of RAL colours in Deceuninck’s unique Decoroc colour coating.

How is it possible to create a picture perfect view?

Bi-folding uPVC doors and windows can be installed in places you may not have even thought of, like opening a corner of a room or maybe knocking a complete wall out to create space when you don’t have a fully available opening. The possibilities are endless. Everything depends on how creative you want to be and how you want your home to look. Every option will create a picture frame effect which will fit perfectly in your home.