Roller shutters


Why are roller shutters an excellent way to keep the outdoors out?

Rollshutters offer you and your home an extra barrier from life outside. During winter, they keep your home warm and cosy. In summertime, a roller shutter can protect you from the sun’s glare. Moreover, a window with roller shutters and roller shutter doors minimise outside noise, turning your home into a quite space. Just the privacy insulated roller shutters afford is worth it in itself.

How do PVC roller shutters offer an extra protection for your most precious possessions?

When closed, roll shutters or exterior window shutters are an extra obstacle for burglars. On top of this, a Deceuninck PVC roller shutter can also be equipped with extra technology in burglar prevention. Even opened, window roller shutters keep unwanted visitors out. Equip your PVC roller shutter with an insect screen for buzz-free nights.

How can an insulated roller shutter make your life easier?

An integral part of any window, PVC roller shutters combine maximum insulation with minimum maintenance, reducing energy costs and making it extremely easy to maintain. Just wipe your PVC roller with a simple cloth and a day-to-day cleaning agent and it will look as new.

Choose a home shutter to suit your style

A great alternative to blinds or curtains, a PVC roller shutter is a design feature which adds elegance to any interior setting and is also exceptionally practical. Thanks to a broad range in colours and the availability of insect and burglar protection, you can choose the insulated roller shutter that suits your personal needs and the style of your home.