Deceuninck wins prestigious Award

Inoutic Eforte

Winning Inoutic Eforte profile the most efficient 80+ system on the market today

The Building-Product Technology 2010 Competition organised by the Czech Architecture and Building Foundation is in its third year.
The goal of the competition is to contribute to improved architectural technology and applications by disseminating knowledge of superior products and technologies, and by promoting innovation and invention. This year the silver medal went to Deceuninck for its ultra energy-efficient Inoutic Eforte six-chamber window profile for low energy and passive buildings. As in the past, the winners were announced by the Czech Construction Academy, under the auspices of the Czech ministries for regional development, transport, industry & trade and environment.

Inoutic Eforte designed to meet tomorrow’s standards

Production of the new Inoutic Eforte window profile was preceded by significant research and development. The aim was to develop a profile with the greatest energy efficiency, meeting the most demanding insulating requirements imposed on windows and passive houses, including those of the upcoming EU EPBD II Directive. EPBD II targets a reduction of total greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, a reduction in EU energy consumption by 20%, and a 20% share of renewable sources in the total energy consumption, all by 2020.

Innovation for ecology

Thanks to Deceuninck’s tradition of developing PVC – the best window and door insulating material on the market – into durable and ultra efficient building products, the Inoutic Eforte profile has excellent heat technical characteristics and meets the highest window standards for low-energy and passive applications. With ordinary steel reinforcement, an embedded depth of 84 mm and no additional insulating elements, the profile achieves an excellent heat transfer coefficient (U(f)) of 0.95 W/m²K. Inoutic Eforte window systems using glazing with a thermal transmittance (U(g)) of 0.6 W/m²K reliably meet the standards of passive houses. With special glass, the value for the entire frame thermal transmittance (U(w)) drops to 0.66 W/m² K, significantly lower than the requirements for passive houses.

In short, Deceuninck’s Inoutic Eforte is the most efficient 80+ system on the market today, and is just one more example of Deceuninck’s commitment to designing and producing building products that contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

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