Superior insulating properties of PVC win the day

PVC curtain wall in Indonesia

Deceuninck completes major contract for PVC curtain wall in Indonesia

Despite a prejudice in the region for using aluminium profiles in a curtain wall construction, Deceuninck was able to convince a major Indonesian investor of the long-term benefits of PVC. The very satisfied customer, proprietor of the 140,000-m2 Living World lifestyle centre, plans to implement the Deceuninck system in future projects.

Living World, located in the Alam Sutera residential and lifestyle community in greater Jakarta, is the largest lifestyle centre in Indonesia. Architects had initially proposed aluminium profiles for the building’s curtain wall construction. The owner, however, was able to be convinced of the advantages of the Deceuninck PVC solution based on the material’s excellent insulating and low maintenance qualities, qualities moreover that the owner had already experienced firsthand in his own home.

The 140,000-m2 Living World houses five floors of retail, entertainment and eating establishments, including two Home Living floors run by the building owner himself that focus on home appliances and home improvement. Precisely for this reason, the image projected by a quality European building product was already a point in favour of Deceuninck. First, however, traditional local prejudices in favour of aluminium had to be overcome. It was here that the better insulating qualities of PVC came into play. In a three-year bidding process, issues related to familiarity with PVC, the material’s structural integrity and cost were thoroughly addressed. And in the end, despite the Deceuninck solution costing more up front, the benefits of PVC – including the long-term energy savings thanks to superior insulation – won the day.

The ultra-modern, glass-walled construction went into operation in February 2011. The owner, who runs more than 40 outlets in Indonesia, already has plans to implement a similar Deceuninck curtain wall system on the Island of Bali.

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