Are you a retailer who’s tired of waiting for quotes that hold up your service to your customers? Fabricators, would you like instant orders instead of issuing quotes? If ‘Yes’ PricePad is for you!
Why did we invest large sums creating and developing PricePad? Because we want to help our customers grow. We want our installers and retailers to sell more.

So what’s PricePad? It is an electronic ordering and pricing program exclusive to Deceuninck partners. Designed to make it easier for installers to sell to homeowners, it encourages customers to engage and choose their windows and doors. Choosing - designing – windows and door styles and designs that are right for the home is not as simple as it looks, as you know. That’s why so many houses look wrong, with unbalanced windows or inappropriate styles. And why their property values are depressed and they take longer than similar properties to sell.

Our PricePad makes it easier for you to steer homeowners towards sensible designs that are in harmony with their properties. We’ve designed it so it is easy for you to sit down with your customers or for them to have designed what they want before you present your solutions and prices.

PricePad automates the process of creating quotations and professional quotations can be put together and emailed in a matter of minutes. It also makes it easier and more productive for surveyors to amend and confirm details and order quickly. PricePad is available for trade fabricators to promote their own brand and help their retail installer customers sell more.

So what are the benefits of PricePad? In a nutshell:

  • PricePad makes an installer look extremely professional
  • It dramatically improves your conversion rate
  • You no longer have to wait for quotations from fabricators
  • Fabricators – with PricePad you’ll now process orders not quotations. It saves time and money with orders flowing through to you.
  • It delivers accurate prices and margins.
  • The software also works online so for those businesses who want to sell products online we provide a software solution that would on its own cost £50,000 to produce without Deceuninck.

The App is available for iPad, tablets and smartphones in the home, and on desktop PCs. It is to enable consumers to choose in their own time, and for embedding on customer websites to generate quality leads and for improved lead conversion.

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