Deceuninck’s new energy saving calculator

Deceuninck UK has launched a new energy saving calculator, a simple selling tool that helps fabricators and installers to sell more.

The calculator is available at and it is very easy to use. Together with the homeowner, installers simply select from a series of dropdown menus to show the energy-saving over time from windows. The savings are impressive.

For example, a detached house with single glazing and oil central heating could expect to save nearly £6,000 pounds over a 10 year period with Deceuninck’s double glazed windows. Over 30 years the saving rose to more than £29,000 – a serious saving for customers who plan to stay in their home for the long term. There’s a choice of window styles to choose from depending on whether the homeowner has a traditional or more contemporary property. Roy Frost, Managing Director of Deceuninck UK explains: “If you’ve ever tried to persuade a homeowner to spend a little more to get a lot more, or tried to show a homeowner that your windows will save them money over the life of an energy saving window you’ll know what a challenge it can be. Consumers have learned to be cynical, preferring calculated numbers over fine words.”

Roy continues: “Deceuninck’s new energy saving calculator easily, quickly and authoritatively helps you show homeowners how to save money by spending more with you. That’s what a business partnership should be, making business better for customers.”

If you want to use selling tools that sell for you call Roy Frost today on 07808 365234 or Carol Hearn on 01249 816969.