O-Wall: Deceuninck’s new robust and easy to install Twinson-based outdoor wall covering system


Easy installation thanks to a patented clip system. A double-walled design gives the profiles high rigidity, and O-Wall’s finish perfectly complements today’s high insulation standards.

Deceuninck announces a new Twinson-based outdoor cladding system: O-Wall. This new system, made of Deceuninck’s revolutionary Twinson material, includes a host of improvements that make it an ideal companion when insulating outdoor walls.

O-Wall: long-lasting elegance in an easy to install package

O-Wall offers all the advantages of Deceuninck’s Twinson in a system suited to providing an elegant finish to insulated exterior façades, gable ends and back walls. O-Wall is available in lengths of 3 and 6 metres, and its patented concealed clip system makes reliable installation a snap. The tubular elements have very good rigidity, allowing a 50cm distance between the battens, which in turn means fast installation.

Integrated ventilation ensures that the humid air behind the cladding is evacuated, contributing to a healthy indoor climate.

Did you know that insulating your outer walls can reduce your loss of energy by 20%? This contributes to a better environment and a lower energy bill. For finishing your insulated façade, O-Wall is the perfect solution. A very light product in its category, it adds little stress to your inner wall or timber frame, and can be installed without adapting your foundation. A wide range of finishing profiles provides a beautiful yet discrete finish.

O-Wall is extremely robust with a natural look. O-Wall cladding elements are low maintenance and available in 3 natural colours that age like fine wood, giving buildings an elegant look that will last for years.

Twinson: the durable, ecological alternative

O-Wall is made of Deceuninck Twinson, a state-of-the art single-base material made of wood and PVC. Twinson combines the natural feel and appearance of wood with the low-maintenance and durability of PVC. An environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwood, Twinson is PEFC certified and 100% recyclable. It is water resistant and splinter free, and its durability and natural look make it ideal for outdoor applications such as garden paths, patios, terraces, pond and pool edging, and outdoor wall covering.

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