Deceuninck’s new colour configurator: a practical tool for simulating the colour of your new frames

With Deceuninck’s new online HD colour configurator, anyone can now easily simulate the colour of their future windows, choose the type of opening and change the finish.

Design and colour, differentiating features with Deceuninck:

Deceuninck has set itself a specific goal: to help build a sustainable home. The design aspect is an important part of this commitment. Deceuninck wants to help its customers express their own style in the architecture and decor of their homes. To achieve this, Deceuninck offers its customers an exceptional palette of colours and finishes.

The Deuctone collection: over 30 colours and 5 different structures

Deceuninck’s Deuctone collection includes over 30 colours and 5 different structures. The colours are inspired by nature and go with any interior or exterior. They keep their original shade for many years, with minimal maintenance.
The 5 finishes are: mass coloured, coloured wood grain, original wood grain, metallic and Decoroc. Decoroc is a powder coating process patented by Deceuninck that gives frames a satin look and a dirt repellent grained texture.

The HD configurator: simple and practical

Choosing the colour of your new windows and doors is not easy. That's why Deceuninck has created an HD (High Definition) configurator. This online tool allows you to create a realistic simulation (in HD) of the colour of your new frames. The configurator also allows you to visualise and choose the colour from the Deuctone range, either by uploading a photo of your home or by selecting one of the home styles suggested by Deceuninck. You can also choose the type of window opening and its finish (with or without cross bars) with a few clicks.

This new HD configurator confirms Deceuninck’s commitment to maintaining its position as a colour specialist in the global market for innovative construction solutions.

The Deceuninck HD configurator is available on:

Colour simulator France
Colour simulator – Dutch
Colour simulator – French

And more countries to come!

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